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As 2019 comes to a close, I look back and I'm thankful for so many things. For how this shop and grown and changed, for our amazing customers who are great friends of mine, and for our family taking the step to begin the adoption process. When we first started our journey with The Crunchy Bean we were just customers, shopping for our 5 month old baby boy as first time parents trying to find a solution for the baby who could poop out of anything. We later got this crazy idea to buy the shop from the owner when she no longer could continue on with the business. Almost 3 years later this shop has grown and expanded and taken me literally to places I've never been. I got to go to Washington, D.C. with Tula, I went to North Carolina to attend Mommycon, I've been all over Alabama setting up pop-up shops with Babypalooza and Earthy Birthy and even helped with a Great Latch On. This adventure has been more than I ever could have dreamed. If you would have asked me even in college if I would one day be the owner of a shop founded on cloth diapers I would have said, "Eww, no!". I'm so proud of where I took this shop and how successful it has been. And most of all, I'm so glad it brought me so many of my dearest friends. You guys have been so amazing supporting us through the struggles, laughing with us (or maybe at us!) during the Beanie Awards, cheering us on as we began to make our own exclusives, and even crying with us when we lost our beloved dog, Chloe. I cannot thank you enough. But now it's time for new adventures. As I mentioned previously our family has begun the adoption process. We are so close to finishing the homestudy but the process isn't even close to over yet. My time has been stretched thin and my health has struggled. It's time to close one chapter of our lives and focus on another- our family. Family always comes first and that's why we made the incredibly hard and heartbreaking decision to close The Crunchy Bean. Trust me, I'm kinda in disbelief too. I never expected to close a thriving business, but my family needs me and that's where I need to be too. Thank you for coming on this journey with us- but don't worry- I'm not disappearing. Love and Blessings to you all, Andi & Josh
PS- Your bean bucks can be used until the end of the year. January 1 at 12:00est BB will be turned off and sales will begin. ALL SALES ARE NOW FINAL.
Tula Backpack
$ 50.00 $ 59.00
Lalabye Baby Diaper Covers
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Lalabye Baby Newborn Diapers
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