Lalabye Baby wet/dry Quick Trip Wetbag

$ 15.00



  • Made of our stretchy TPU (waterproof) fabric our customers have come to love.
  • Pack your diaper bag quickand easy every time. Perfect for taking your cloth diapers with you.
  • Snap handle Durable snap closure help keep your bag with you. Snap it around your wrist, to your stroller or to your diaper bag!
  • Fits approximately 6 diapers - Perfect for a day out or for daycare.
  • Easy to use and clean- When ready to wash, simply toss it in with your diaper laundry.
  • A versatile wet/dry bag – use it for cloth diapers, clothes, toys, bathing suits etc. The possibilities are endless.

· Flat bottom – allows the bag to stand on it's on when it has items inside. Also, makes it easier to pack and fit more items!

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