The Crunchy Bean Exclusive Smart Bottoms - On the Go Wet Bag - Bryant

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Product Description

This Smart Bottoms wet bag is The Crunchy Bean's very first exclusive product! Bryant is a little edgy and a lot classy. Bryant is not only great for cloth diapers, but also for beaches, bikini bags, and back seat trash bags!

The Smart Bag is perfect for containing a day's worth of dirty diapers. It will hold approximately 6-8 AIO style diapers.

Inner: 100% PUL
Outer: 100% Cotton

Wash and dry warm. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.


Features a strap handle with snap so it can easily be attached to a stroller handle or closet rod.

Double layer of fabric for odor protection and durability.

May be machine washed and dried.

Dimensions 12"x16"

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