Cloth 101

Here's a few things to help get you started in the world of cloth:


    Pocket, All in one (AIO), Hybrid/All in 2 (AI2), Covers and inserts, fitteds and wool

How many do I need?

     With pocket or AIO diapers you will need a minimum of 24 diapers for full time diapering.  I recommend 30 as a more comfortable number

     With AI2 or covers you will need about 8 covers and 24 inserts (or prefolds or fitteds) minimum.  

Other useful items for cloth diapering:

     -Wetbags!  You will need at least one large hanging wetbag or a pail liner.  I also recommend a medium or large bag in the bathroom you spray out dirty diapers.  You will also need some smaller wetbags for out and about, cloth wipes, dirty clothes, and a million other uses!

    -A diaper sprayer

    -A drying rack for hanging diaper shells and wetbags

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